Control Engineering

control engineeringWe have developed many diverse processes for out clientele over the years.  In addition, we provide customized solutions for your particular project.

Auto Cad Services

autocad servicesReliable diagrams and design manuals are a must for every successful project to help the client understand their customized system;  and to  train current and future employees on its functionality. Documentation can be provided for new projects, and developed or revised for existing systems to improve user understanding and efficiency of maintenance, as well as record system upgrades.

Control Panel Design and Construction

control panel designOur Panel Shop is a UL 508A House; all panels are built following UL standards.  We can provide a custom design, or you can design and we will build to your specifications.

Whether it’s a small control panel or a large conveyor system for a factory, we design, construct, and install enclosures.  As every application is different, our engineers work closely with our skilled panel shop to custom design the right solution for every project. UL* certification is available.

PLC Programming

plc programmingOur Engineering Group design systems and programs PLCs and HMIs made by Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley), and GE.  We also service many other types, including Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Modicon, and Direct Automation.  We can also provide program transfer and modification for older AB PLC-2 systems.

Cathodic Protection

cathodic protectionSchultheis Automation Control Systems recently expanded into the world of Corrosion Control, due the over whelming need for the Natural Gas Industry.
We can provide:


  1. Design and Layout a Cathodic Protection System
  2. Customized Cathodic Protection Test Stations
  3. Installation of all equipment and material needed to provide protection
  4. Personnel for monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual Cathodic Protection Surveys

Exposure to the elements and corrosive substances can quickly break down metal surfaces, requiring quicker replacement and reinforcement of tanks or pipelines. By connecting a metal surface to a more easily corroded sacrificial metal, the durability and longevity can be greatly increased

Lightning Protection

lightningLightning Protection has become a major concern for many of our clients, Schultheis Automation Control Systems has incorporated a Lightning Dissipation Method to protect and/or mitigate the potential of lightning adversely affecting your system.


We can provide:

  1. Engineered design and layout, customized for your system
  2. Installation of all material
  3. Personnel for annual lightning and ground system checks

Lightning damage can easily destroy a functioning outdoor system, causing loss of productivity and potentially expensive repairs, and has become a major concern of the natural gas industry, among others. Installation of lightning protection systems can greatly reduce the risk of damage to sensitive equipment, thus increasing the likelihood of uninterrupted production.

Maintenance Services

maintenanceEven the most well-built system requires maintenance, and the consequences of not keeping up with minor repairs or upgrades can be costly. We offer maintenance and service contracts in intervals appropriate to your application. We keep your system in good running order, provide you with knowledgeable technicians to give recommendations as needed, and peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.


instrumentationWe have the capability of installing, setting up and supporting a variety of instrumentation methods for many different industries. This would allow measuring such dynamics as pressure, flow or distance, among many others. Instrumentation needs can be altered to the clients specific specifications.