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What is automation and what are the most known types

What is automation and what are the most known types

Automation implies the use of advanced technology systems to control, schedule and program devices as well as data from a remote position and without direct human interaction. This process is currently applied to various forms of operating equipment that are controlled through computing technology and the use of the internet. Here are the most common types of automation that you are likely to come in contact on a regular basis:

Automated retail

The advent of smart technologies has decreased the importance of human presence in broad sectors of the service industry. Nowadays, many restaurants, coffee shops, and supermarkets have implemented automation systems that deal with the customer requests in a faster and easier manner than human workers usually do.

It is a common thing to go to the nearest fast food place in your area and order your meal from a large tactile screen that processes your demand rapidly and flawlessly. This concept has brought glory to the IT scientists that developed the automation systems and misery for the workers who lost their jobs against robots.

Automated video surveillance

Video surveillance is a frequent presence in most shops, banks and even elevators nowadays. But before the 1970s most of these enterprises did not have one single camera on their premises. This aspect maintained a high level of crime since the authorities could not consult video footage as easy as they do today.

Automated video surveillance is currently available for all sorts of institutions and regular homeowners alike. Full visual tracking increases security and generates community awareness. As a result, most people think twice before doing a misdemeanor, considering that their actions could easily be captured on film by the surveillance cameras of the surrounding edifices.

Laboratory automation

In particular industries where the levels of precision and attention to details have to be optimal, automation is an essential facility. It is the case of the medical field, which before the 1980s lacked the technology to perform precise clinical studies. Consequently, the research made in laboratories did not have concluding results or immediate answers.

In the past three decades, laboratory automation has become crucial for modern medicine. Not only can researchers successfully work on various studies at the same time, but the doctors can perform complicated surgeries only by programming a high-tech automated device.

Airzone control on bad wheater predictions

Fog is one of the most challenging weather conditions for airlines across the world. But there are other bad weather signals aside from fog. Planes may be safe and sound as long as they are in the air above the clouds. But landing and taking off procedures become extremely difficult when a layer of visible tiny water droplets covers the airstrip. That’s why automating the process has its advantages.

If you have rarely worried about fog when flying, now you can consider one of the biggest perils for your air traveling journey. Read on to discover how this low-lying cloud can disrupt your flight, and if it does, what can you do about it!

When fog conditions disrupt air travel

On most airports around the world, once the visibility drops below 600m the air control officers employ special automated procedures. They also alert airlines, pilots and everyone involved in this situation that they are experiencing extreme weather conditions.

Pilots usually need a gap of at least 200 m between clouds to ensure proper traveling mid-air. The same conditions apply for when they have to land or take off from the airstrip. Dense fog is like an endless cloud that blocks visibility and makes the runway lights disappear in some cases.

What happens when fog settles over an airport?

Depending on the density of the fog, the season in which it takes place and all the official meteorological recommendations, air traffic control officers may take different measures to ensure air travel safety for all the incoming and outgoing planes.

Airports may decide to delay flights and enable pilots to take their time with landing and taking off operations. This procedure is sometimes referred to as “spacing flights” and it is the safest way to ensure that planes do not overcrowd the runway. Also, it prevents airlines from overlapping schedules, which could lead to major disasters.

Some of the largest airports in the world employ a ground radar system that allows ground controllers to guide pilots towards the airstrip. Again, this procedure takes place at a low speed, which creates flight delays and even cancellations.

Most airlines use properly-trained and highly-skilled pilots that can manage fog conditions without putting the passengers’ lives at risk. Therefore, in case your flight gets delayed, diverted or canceled because of fog, you should worry more about how to claim compensation than about your safety.

How to claim compensation if fog disrupts your flight

In the case of extreme weather conditions, airlines may choose to delay or cancel your flight. If there is dense fog covering the airstrip, and the forecast reports are not optimistic about it disappearing soon, you might see yourself waiting in the airport a little longer than expected.

If the fog prevents your plane from taking off for more than six hours after its originally-scheduled departure, the airline will most likely cancel the flight altogether. At this point, you should be entitled to compensation for this unexpected inconvenience.

Your best choice is to employ the expert services of a professional company in the field that can find a sure way of getting your money back. The best thing about working with this kind of firm is that they do all the work for you and only ask for a fee if your claim is successful.

Road safety automation

Modern cars are often equipped with smart technology devices that make the entire driving experience easier and safer than ever before. Nowadays, a driver can use the onboard computer through simple vocal commands, or he can leave navigation in the open hands of an automatic pilot. However, when it comes to road safety, the automation is far from being complete.

Researchers have created an entirely automated road safety system that enables drivers to receive alerts about incoming traffic, road blocks, accidents and even alternative routes. Unfortunately, this technology cannot be installed at an international level because of cost and logistic reasons. For now, we have to settle for a prototype version of this system with the help of smartphone applications.

Three examples of automation in information technology

Three examples of automation in information technology

Automation technology used to be installed only in the major commercial centers, banks or various institutions. It wasn't until a decade ago that the evolution of information technology (IT) allowed homeowners to increase the security level of their properties with...

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